rapid impact mpaction equipment

rapid impact mpaction equipment

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    BSP International Foundations is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of hydraulic piling hammers and ground improvement equipment. This website offers

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  • Impact Compaction for Ground Improvement - Menard ...

    Impact Compaction is a shallow ground densification using energy waves from a hydraulic hammer weighing 7.7 to 9.9 tons that rapidly and repeatedly impacts the

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    Advantages of impact compaction: The bearing capacity of the soil is increased after it is treated. Minimizes settlement to a greater extent and provides uniform support for a floor slab or foundation footing, while controlling vibrations to 2 inches per second within 30 feet of the drop point.; Impact Compaction consolidates the soil immediately instead of using a surcharge to ...

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    Impact Compaction Rigs. For ground improvement in general three different methods can be recognized. For cohesive soils such as sand, gravel and some silty sands, compaction methods are a good solution for ground improvement. In case soils are difficult to compact such as clay, peat and soft silt layers soil replacement could be the solution.

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    impact compaction is a high-frequency controlled energy soil compaction technique used to densify surface layers of soils (to a depth of 5 to 7 metres in most cases) with minimum impact on the immediate worksite environment.


    event. Several ground improvement methods were evaluated and the Impact Compaction (RIC) method was selected based upon the specific site requirements. The influence depth of RIC is typically around 5 to 6 m (16 to 20 ft) although this is depending on several issues such as soil type, degree of saturation, soil stiffness and other factors.

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    Oct 15, 2015  To meet the demand for a heavier and more productive ground improvement equipment BSP International Foundations has unveiled the latest addition to the company’s lineup of Impact

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    Impact Compaction is less expensive than other over-excavation and replacement techniques. RIC Africa operates throughout South Africa, Namibia and the broader African continent. To find out more about the applications of Impact Compaction

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    Impact Compaction ("RIC") is a quick and reliable form of soil compaction improvement. DGS developed the RIC-9000 specifically for multi-purpose foundation work. Using a 9T pile hammer to deliver 40-60 blows per minute, the 1.5m diameter compaction

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    Impact Compaction This compaction method is positioned between the conventional shallow compaction and the deep dynamic compaction. Densifies geomaterials by repeatedly dropping a

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    RIC ( Impact Compaction) Since the BSP rapid impact compactor (RIC) attachment was first developed for military use almost 25 years ago the concept has become a commercial success and

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    impact compaction (RIC) is a variant of dynamic compaction that uses different equipment. The technique uses a hydraulic hammer and an anvil to densify granular soils at less depth than with

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    Impact Compaction densifies shallow, granular soils, using a hydraulic hammer, which repeatedly strikes an impact plate on the ground surface. Keller has in-house designed and built equipment to provide this service.

  • Impact Compaction Increase Soil Bearing Capacity

    Impact Compaction (RIC) is a ground improvement technique that densifies shallow, loose and granular soils. Soil treated by this method results in increased density, friction angle and overall stiffness, which results in increased bearing capacity and decreased settlement of planned structures.

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    Densification using the CDC compaction technique or rapid impact compaction is performed at the surface of a terrain and is part of the surface compaction techniques. The CDC or RIC equipment consists of, depending on the weight of the hammer, of a heavy excavator equipped with a specially designed arm onto which the hammer is attached.

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    Sep 17, 2009  Impact Compaction (RIC) is a soil improvement technique used to treat loose granular soil soils and permit shallow spread footing construction. The RIC technique applies impact energy to the ...

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    impact compaction (RIC) is a ground improvement technique developed in England in the 1990s. It densifies moderately shallow depth, loose granular soils, using a hydraulic hammer, which repeatedly strikes an impact plate at rates of 40-80 blows per minute (Figure 6.16).Typical RIC equipment consists of a 7- to 9-ton weight dropping approximately 1 m (3.3 ft) onto a 1.5 m (5 ft) diameter ...

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    Impact Compaction (RIC) consists in shallow ground densification using energy waves from a hydraulic hammer weighing 7.7 to 9.9 tons that rapidly and repeatedly impacts the ground at 40 or more blows per minute.

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    The Impact Compaction (RIC) technique was originally developed for the rapid repair of explosion damage to military airfield runways and comprises a modified hydraulic piling hammer acting ...

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    In recent years, the Impact Compaction has gained popularity as a ground improvement technique. To evaluate the usefulness of this technique in the Arabian Gulf Region, the RIC is used to improve an area of 29,000 m2 on a project site near

  • Impact Compaction (RIC) - Ammico Contracting Co. W.L.L.

    Impact Compaction (RIC) Impact Compaction/ Dynamic Compaction (RIC/RDC) is a technique similar to Dynamic Compaction and can be used to increase the bearing capacity of weak soils through controlled impact energy being transmitted through a pad. RIC/RDC is effective for compaction of upper layers of ground typically up to 5 to 7m depth and in some cases up to 9m deep

  • Cofra Dynamic Compaction (CDC)

    Cofra Dynamic Compaction (CDC) method, also referred to as impact compaction (RIC), is a technique that densifies loose granular materials up to a depth of 7 to 9 meters below the surface by repeatedly dropping an hydraulically accelerated weight from a height of 1.2 to 1.5m onto a foot which remains in contact with the soil.

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    The Impact Compaction for the soil improvement uses a hydraulic hammer mounted on an excavator. The hammer with a weight ranging from 5 up to 12 tons is dropped freely from a height of 1.2 m on a large circular foot. Impacts repeated at a rate ranging from 40 up to 60 blows per minute plunge the steel foot creating a crater.


    3.21 Compaction Assurance Tables (Tables 1 2): The compaction assurance tables are used for finding required wet densities. 3.22 Calibrated Volume Cylinder: Used to check volumeter accuracy (See Figure 1). 3.23 Stove: Described in the specifications for equipment to be supplied by the

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    Impact Compaction. Impact Compaction is a soil improvement method based on hydraulic piling hammer technology. It is used to densify loose soils and improve their bearing capacities.

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    Impact Roller, Dynamic Impact Compactor, Towed Road Roller manufacturer / supplier in China, offering China Earth Compaction Machinery Impact Compactor in Stock, 26 Ton Shantui Small Wheel Dozer 230HP Mini Crawler Dozer for Sale, Amphibious